Just a few thoughts

Every time I set foot inside an airplane (which has been happening  a fair lot lately) I’m overcome with feelings, desires and wishes to become a flight attendant. Don’t get me wrong I’m so happy and grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given so far and working at the international airport is amazing but being a flight attendant is one of my dream jobs I would love to have the experience at doing and sometimes I feel upset that I’ll never get there. Sometimes it just waiting for that moment to come. That moment that you’ve been praying and waiting for, for a long time and when it finally hits (when you least expect it too) you’re over the moon.

Lately, I’ve also felt overcome by feelings of negative and lack of self confidence. Believing in myself at my new job has bought an array  of challenges and feelings which has sometimes left me feeling stressed, anxious, worried and doubting myself.  I often think to myself that I’m great at giving advice to people but I often forgot to listen to my own advice sometimes.

Does anyone have any tips or personal experiences of overcoming negative feelings and lack of self confidence? Please share them with me!

Bye for now,

C x

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