Mediation is the key

“What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow. Our life is the creation of our mind”  – Buddha 


A few weeks ago one evening I went to a free yoga and mediation class with my friend and since then my eyes have opened up to the world of mediation. Since that evening I’ve been to a few different mediation classes and become more aware of the benefits of mediating and the positive outlook on life this practice brings.

  • Boosts happiness and reduces anxiety 

From the very first moment that I started practicing mediation I felt a strong change in my happiness levels. Coming out of the first mediation class I remember I suddenly felt a strong motivation to continue reading self-help and books that focused on improving your body, mind and soul. A book that I’m currently reading at the moment is called ‘You are Enough’ by Cassie Mendoza-Jones. Taking on a mental, physical and emotional journey, Cassie presents a beautifully written book reflecting on her own past experiences.  Packed with positive affirmations this book presents suggestions for women to release negative attitudes and implement positive change into our daily lives, this book is a must read!!

  • Improves sleep patterns 

Apart from the fact I’m now doing shift-work hours and 3am starts a couple of times a week which completely messes up your sleeping patterns, overall mediation has somewhat improved my sleeping patterns. Before I started practicing I would have trouble sleeping especially if I was feeling really anxious and would wake up a couple of times during the night.

  • Has increased my ability to cope with daily life demands and pressure 

STRESS is the key word here! Mediation has taught me that  instead of overthinking and stressing about everything the key is to remain positive and happy and just stay in the present moment – the current 24 hours moment.

I have seen the world through different eyes after starting practice and have developed a greater appreciation for the world and nature. I have started learning Japanese again and building on the language skills I learnt in high school as well as taking part in mindfulness activities such as colouring in pages.

And on a final note, the saying “that everything happens for a reason” is definitely true and something that I believe very strongly in. There is a reason why I have started to practice mediation and I definitely feel like a more happier and relaxed person because of that decision I made.

Till next time,

C xx



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