Time to follow my arrow in 2017. 

Follow your arrow. This is my new motto, saying and goal for 2017.

2016 was a rolla coaster ride and definitely a year I’ll never forget. Going overseas to London and Europe in July was one of the best decisions I had made. From this experience I came back home a different person. Whilst I was overseas I learnt things about myself that I probably still wouldn’t have a clue about LOL but one that is 100% true is that travelling REALLY does change you and you come back home with the travel bug worse than ever and the desire to keep travelling and travelling and creating memorable life experiences.

In the second half of the year I found myself facing some setbacks. Getting rejected and rejected from job interviews really got me down a lot and I found myself struggling to be happy sometimes. But towards the end of the year I found myself turning around and 2017 will be full of positivity and happiness!! ✨✨

It’s funny and crazy how life spans out sometimes. I spent the last night of 2016 watching fireworks in Sydney with a girl I met on my Contiki tour in July. It’s crazy to think if I had never gone to Europe or even on the Contiki tour I went on, I wouldn’t have made amazing new friends and celebrated 2017 in the way I did.

In 2017 I hope to get a full time job. 2017 is all about a new start for me and opening a new chapter in my life. Whether it be in events management, pr or in the aviation industry I hope to be able to put everything I’ve learnt across my 23 years of living and all the experiences I’ve immersed myself in to the test. I want to travel more often. I want to visit places I’ve been before like Japan, NY, London and Paris but I also want to venture to new places like San Francisco. I want to create memories and life experiences. I want to be happy. I want to keep in touch with my current friends, be open to creating new friendships and getting back in touch with friendship that may have fallen apart in 2016. On the last day of 2017 I want to look back and be happy that every day I did something that made me one step closer to achieving my goals and be proud of myself.

And just like that another year is upon us. It’s time for us to set new goals for the year and focus on the aspects in our life that are the most important. In the last few months of 2016 I read 2 books both by Rebecca Campbell (Light is the New Black and Rise Sister Rise) which have set up my thinking and planning to ensure I achieve what I want in 2017. It’s time for me to step up and #risesisterrise.

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