Day one in London. 

After a long 23 hr flight from Sydney to London via Singapore I finally arrived at Heathrow airport this morning at 5am. Arriving a Singapore airport a little behind schedule meant we had a very quick transfer to our next flight and not much time to recover from the 8hr flight before we started the 12hr leg onto London. 

On both legs of the flight I sat in seat 43A. I was lucky enough to be able to see a stunning sunset over the Timor Sea heading to Singapore and then a beautiful sunrise upon landing in London  this morning.

After having to wait several hours before we could check into our hotel room we spent today relaxing and exploring our local area. Catching the underground from Heathrow into London city was cool – going past the country side. Discovering British supermarkets and seeing how cheap everything is especially Rekordingly – a bottle for 2 pounds!!! Tomorrow is the day we get our first taste of London!!!! 

Signing off C x

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